Chase Jeffries - Vocals + Guitar


Softstone Hearts is Chase's brainchild, over a decade in the making.  Chase started songwriting at 12 years old with his Squire Stratocaster guitar. After 25 years of crazy ups-and-downs, the inspiration for his songs come from a lot of places - he just wants to write songs that connect with people, and is happy to have a chance to live his dreams out with his friends.

Lisa Newell - Vocals + Keys


Relentlessly optimistic and unpredictable, Lisa formed Softstone Hearts with Chase in 2018.  She lives to sing, writes AMAZING songs, and her live performance will take you by storm.

Chris Park - Cello + Comedic Relief


Chris was introduced to the band when their producer, David, brought Chris in to record for Cabin in the Woods and Believe.  As a Music Education student at UC's College Conservatory of Music, Chris's musical talent has been instrumental in taking the band to the next level - and his gregarious personality keeps everyone having a great time.

Abby Depp - Vocals

Abby brings ear-catching vocals and harmonies to the studio, and a bouncy, uncontainable energy to concerts.  When she isn't flashing her smile on stage, you can catch her playing the ukulele or doing behind-the-scenes marketing for Softstone Hearts.

John Botter - Bass

As a student of Commercial Music Production at NKU, and a lifelong musician, John's flexible approach to bass-playing creates a well-balanced low-end for live shows.  His intimate knowledge of production is essential to the group's musical development.

Tom Harlan - Drums

Tom is a bad drummer.

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